Matthew Parker Indiana – How to achieve your goals without stressing yourself out

Goals are not the easiest of the things to achieve. If they were, everybody would be achieving their goals. But Matthew Parker Indiana believes that you can still achieve your goals without breaking your back or your head in the process.

Here are some five easy tips to achieve your goals with less stress

Start with the hardest and the worst
Different goals have different levels of difficulty. Many people tend to work on the cheaper goals and are left struggling with the difficult ones. If you follow this route, the chances are that you will not achieve the hardest of your goals.

Prioritize your goals and start with the hardest. Some people call it starting with the frog. Then ease into the cheaper goals. You will be less stressed when working on the cheaper ones despite the fatigue.

Set realistic timelines
In today’s fast world people easily fall into the trap of working 24/7 even if passively. People tend to extend their workday eating into the family and their time to rest. In the end, it leaves people feeling as if they are out of control.

Set realistic timelines for your goals. Do not rush into achieving goals at the expense of your other responsibilities. Given ample time for each goal bearing in mind that there might be some events on the way that may derail the achievement of your goal. This way, you will not be forced to rush or panic as you try to beat the clock.

Do not multitask
There is a notion that you can achieve more by doing more than one task at a time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to work fast by multitasking. The brain focuses on one thing at a time. The best you can do is to do a task very fast and switch to another one fast and then back to the first one, but the two would not be running in your head at the same time. People that multitask end up feeling too tired and are less likely to achieve all of the goals that they set to achieve.

Say no to the tasks that do not matter
One of the biggest stress inducers is the tendency of taking tasks that were not part of the schedule and putting pressure on your own schedule. When someone asks you to accept a task, check with your schedule and determine if you have the time to perform the work. Just say no if the task with impact on your schedule negatively.

Matthew Parker Indiana says that planning is the biggest tool against stress when achieving your goals. The better the plan, the less likely you are to get stressed out.

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Matthew Parker Indiana – Qualities Of A Good Motivational Speaker

A few years ago, there were very few motivational speakers in the world. However, with the immense success of the already existing speakers, there has been a rapid increase in the number of motivational speakers across the globe. Today, it is easy to find motivational speakers in Television shows, learning institutions and even in sold out conferences and seminars filled with people eager to learn something new and change their lives for the better. So what makes a good motivational speaker? Matthew Parker Indiana explains what actually makes a good speaker:

A good motivational speaker should not focus on the monetary gains he or she will make out of the audience listening to him. Instead the speaker should focus all his or her attention on how he can motivate his audience. The speaker should focus on how his or her speech will help the people listening to him to change their lives, believes, or character and become better people.

A great motivational speaker should be viewed as an expert. He or she should have expert knowledge that the rest of the people (the audience) can depend on especially when it comes to imparting positive thinking into the audience and also providing the audience with right answers that they can use to improve their lives. In most cases, a motivational speaker is revered by the crowd and considered very knowledgeable. Therefore, the speaker need to be knowledgeable enough to deliver what is expected of him or her.

If you want to be a successful motivational speaker here is a reminder from Matthew Parker Indiana, an expert, professional well experienced motivational speaker. You need to be a fluent speaker with a clear voice that commands attention, you must be accurate in what you say, you must be able to make your crowd believe in what you say, have charisma, sense of humor and high intellect to woo your audience.

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Matthew Parker Indiana’s Guide to Motivational Speakers

According to Matthew Indiana Parker, motivational speaker is a person who makes a living by offering paid speeches to different audiences. Most of these speeches are about becoming a better you, having a brighter future, making money and bettering your life. Normally, motivational speakers are usually invited to conferences, learning institutions, trade fairs and shows. Some motivational presenters use their life experiences and personalities, to motivate others in a humorous way while others use direct and serious ways to convey their message.

What are some of the benefits of a motivational speaker?
Motivational speakers have numerous benefits but the most important one is to motivate people. If your employees are well motivated in terms of remuneration, incentives, promotions and other motivational packages, they will be happy and work better hence becoming more effective in what they do. However, if they are demoralized and lack motivation, they will not be productive and their output will reduce hence affecting the company or organization. It is here where motivational speakers come in, to motivate and reignite self esteem among employees.

An experienced motivational speaker can easily resonate with his or her audience and infuse the audience with enthusiasm and vigor to a point where they will be able to do their jobs more energetically. Professional motivational presenters can actually motivate and encourage people to make vital changes in their lives, do more and improve their standards of living.

Not only do motivational speakers motivate individuals but they can also inspire others to greater heights. For example in schools, motivational speakers can play the role of a motivating and inspiring students to work hard in class and get good grades. They can also inspire sport teams to achieve great results and achieve their personal goals.

Who can be a motivational speaker?
Anyone can become a motivational speaker. However, for you to start making money out of motivational speaking, you must have the ability to motivate, be confident, have the ability to speak in public and above all be able to speak fluently as well as connect with your audience.

There are collages and institutions that offer classes or courses for motivational speakers and also there are online courses where one can learn how to become a motivational speaker. However, the best motivational speakers do not go for courses. They are people who have achieved notable achievements in their different careers and can speak to others and teach them how to be successful.

Matthew Parker Indiana is one of the best motivational speakers in the world and is experienced in a number of fields including business and commerce, self improvement, health and sports, and education just to mention a few.

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Matthew Parker Indiana Explains On The Need For Experienced Professional Motivational Speakers

The main reason for seeking the services of a motivational speaker is to use the speaker’s capability to motivate people in an organization or institution to achieve increased work output and to perform better in class respectively. It is normal to find that employees of a certain organization are demoralized, fail to meet the set targets and they generally stop to work optimally. When a motivational speaker like the experienced Matthew Parker Indiana is called in, he can salvage the situation by motivating and restoring the enthusiasm of the employees and encourage them to do more.

Due to various reasons, the morale of employees in various organizations usually drops and sometimes it goes beyond imaginable levels. In other cases, the top management even fails to restore the confidence and morale of such employees. And when worse comes to worst some employees start leaving the organization and the company loses the best talents to their competitors. In such situations, the best person to call is a motivational speaker. Not only is a professional motivational speaker capable of restoring the employees morale but he or she will be able to inspire them to be more productive through an elaborate professional approach.

Did you know that motivational speakers can actually motivate a team that is hardly performing and make them perform better? Yes, these professionals have the right skills, techniques and ideas on how to make a team perform better. In most cases, motivational speakers are people who have excelled in various fields and want to help others succeed as well. Therefore, they have the basic knowledge and expertise in helping an unproductive team to become productive. However, before hiring a motivation presenter ensure that you clearly know what you want to achieve from the speaker. Once you know what you want, let the speaker know about the goals of the meeting or seminar so that he or she plans himself better for the audience and to enable him or her to deliver the objectives of the company or organization.

Normally, conferences and seminars are conducted in a very tense or charged atmosphere. This puts extra pressure and stress on the already fatigued employees. Once a professional motivational speaker is called in, his or her first obligation is to create a relaxed atmosphere. Failure to do so, whatever he or she says to the audience will have little or no impact. After an experienced speaker has left the podium, you will find that the audience feels rejuvenated and happy ready to listen to the next speaker. Motivational speakers like Matthew Parker Indiana, have the ability to combine their oratory powers with a little bit of research and humor to make the audience listen attentively before they drive home the important points and objectives.

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Matthew Parker Indiana Advises On The Basic Principles That Can Get You Ahead

In the words of Matthew Parker Indiana, a renowned motivational speaker based in Indiana, what each and every person wants the best in life; we want the finer things that life can offer. However, in order to get these things, we must overcome certain obstacles on the way. For you to get ahead and manage to get the finer things there are a couple of principles you must learn and adhere to. The herein of the basic principles that can help you to be ahead

Invest in yourself
The first and most important thing you need to do is to know who you really are. What are your fears, what are your values, what are your strengths, what is your personality, what do you believe in, deficiencies and above all your weak points. They say the two most important days of your life are when you are born and the day you know why you were born. Therefore know who you really are and then start pursuing your dreams while at the same time working on your weak points. Your weak points are the things that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Increase your sources of income
Even the richest man on earth does not have only one source of income but multiple sources. Therefore, it is essential for you to find other ways of making money other than the single source you have been depending on. You need to think hard and device a workable plan that will give you that extra income. There are many ways of making extra income only if you do your research thoroughly. You can also use your talent to make extra money.

Be open minded
They say change is the only thing in life that is static. And this is very true as everything in life including situations change with time. As you progress in life, you will experience different circumstances and situations which are either good or bad. However, what matters here is how you deal with those issues. Some people adjust themselves in situations and turn problems into opportunities and these are the people who make it in life. Therefore, always be an open minded person, be open to criticisms, correct whenever you are corrected and stay focused.

Have a network of your own
There is a wise proverb that says, show me your friends and I will tell you your character. This proverb simply points out the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can help you think and reason positively. Matthew Parker Indiana Insists that for you to succeed in life, the quality of people in your network matter a lot. Ensure that the members of your network are forward thinkers, people who can impact positive energy into your life.

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Matthew Parker Indiana talks about how to get ahead

As Matthew Parker Indiana, a renowned motivational speaker puts it, we all want the finer things in life. There are always obstacles on the way to reaching these things. However, a few timeless principles can help you get ahead.

Invest in you
Perform a detailed analysis of you of your fears, deficiencies, personality, phobias as well as your weaknesses, talents and strengths. Self-awareness helps you invest in areas that you are good at and stop pursuing things in which you are weak.

Increase your streams of income  
It is important to look at ways that you can boost the amount of money you make every day. Think hard and come up with a workable plan. The extra source of income could come from investing in stocks, real estate, trading in bonds and treasury bills, starting a business on the side or selling your skill or talent when free for some money.

Be flexible
There is nothing in life that is static. Everything is about change. You are going to face a variety of good and bad circumstances in life. You will only make it forward if you can learn to adjust your sails when storm strike or the wind changes direction.

Build your network
Did you know that you are as safe as the quality of people that you have in your network? The members of your network include your friends, your workmates, acquaintances, and specialists. Grow it wisely.

Matthew Parker Indiana concludes by saying that determination and resilience are some of the key ingredients for the forward thinkers. There are no fine things that are going to come on your way if you are derailed by any obstacle that you meet on your way.

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Matthew Parker Indiana teaches you how to improve through self-awareness

In his motivational talks, Matthew Parker Indiana realized that the biggest problem with improving oneself was a lack of self-awareness. He believes that self-awareness holds the power to help build a feeling of security and comfort that cannot be built by something else
Below are some important things you need to be aware of yourself:

What is your personality?  
You need to know your personality. You could be sunny and chatty, strong-willed, opinionated, easy going and relaxed. Your personality leads you to specific jobs and dictates how we deal with other people.

What is your gift?  
Are you talented in mathematics or gifted in music? Are you very organizational or people oriented? You are more likely to be successful in pursuing your gift using the same effort that you would when pursuing any other direction.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Can you stand the crowds or you like your space? Are you outgoing or love staying indoors? Both types of personalities are okay, and none is better than the other.

What skills do you have?
Skills are developed from the knowledge that you acquire from school. The skill could be in social sciences, arts, medicine, or commerce among other disciplines.

How have the life experiences shaped you?
Where is your childhood home? How was it growing up in the area? Your life takes a course that is heavily reliant on the life experiences that you had in the past. The experiences also shape how you view others and your opinion on the common life issues. You can use your life experiences to your advantage and take the lessons learned in order to improve certain areas of your life that are not working well.

You have all that it takes to improve yourself. As Matthew Parker Indiana puts it: “Just do it.”

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