How to become a great motivational speaker like Indiana’s expert speaker – Matthew Parker

Looking to venture into motivational speaking? Would you like to be like Matthew Parker from Indiana? If you do, you are at the right place. Motivational speaking is a well-paying career that not only adds monetary value to your life but also it presents an opportunity to travel and mingle with a lot of people. However, the success, you will enjoy in this field will be largely determined by the strategy you adopt. So, what makes a great motivational speaker?

  • Start with where you are
    Whenever you go out fishing, it always advisable to cast your net where there are fish. The same case applies to motivational speaking. Start by talking to people living around you. This will give you the appropriate exposure and also enable you to test the waters.
  • Pick a subject
    As much you might possess the gift of public speaking, it is important to pick a niche in which you are highly knowledgeable. In this career, skill and knowledge will come in handy in achieving success.
  • Offer free speeches and workshops
    Every single journey starts with a single step and in order to make it in the world of motivational speaking, you will need to start somewhere. Avoid looking at the monetary gains but instead focus on building a reputation. When you prove your worth, success will definitely follow.

Becoming a motivational speaker is all about giving quality talks that touch on the areas that most people are interested in. Now that you know what it takes to follow in the steps of Matthew Parker the expert Indiana speaker, let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams!


About Matthew Parker Indiana

Indiana is lucky to have such a renowned speakers bureau but, more importantly, one run by Matthew Parker, Indiana’s top speaker. He founded Indiana Motivational Speakers in 2001, and it went on to become one of the most sought after speakers bureaus in the state. His childhood dream was always to motivate others and make sure everyone lives life to the fullest. In addition to speaking, he enjoys golfing, traveling and spending time with his family.
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