How to make a great income from motivational speaking just like Matthew Parker from Indiana

Motivational speaking is a profitable career if done accurately. The likes of Matthew Parker from Indiana have proven that one can make a decent living out of motivational speaking. However, your income will be largely determined by the strategies you adopt in marketing and delivering your talks. So, how do motivational speakers make their income?

•    Institutional speaking
The skill applied by a motivational speaker will come in handy in landing them deals with various institutions. In addition, the depth of the knowledge portrayed by the speaker will also help in landing the deals. When a motivational speaker impresses an audience, the chances are that one member of the audience will want to seek their services. Through such an invitation, the motivational speaker is able to broaden their network hence increasing their net worth.

•    Written work
Writing provides a great way for motivational speakers to increase their net worth. Mostly, motivational speakers are known for supplementing their income through writing books. As a matter of fact, the income generated through the sale of the books and loyalties accounts for a huge chunk of the motivational speaker’s net worth.

Your strategy is not the only fundamental that will determine your income. Other fundamentals such as presentation skills will come in handy to ensure that you properly execute your strategy. Just like Matthew Parker from Indiana, you too should learn to combine your entrepreneurial skill and your knowledge to create a masterpiece. That said, making staggering amounts through motivational speaking is very possible. However, you have to get things done the right way!

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How to become a great motivational speaker like Indiana’s expert speaker – Matthew Parker

Looking to venture into motivational speaking? Would you like to be like Matthew Parker from Indiana? If you do, you are at the right place. Motivational speaking is a well-paying career that not only adds monetary value to your life but also it presents an opportunity to travel and mingle with a lot of people. However, the success, you will enjoy in this field will be largely determined by the strategy you adopt. So, what makes a great motivational speaker?

  • Start with where you are
    Whenever you go out fishing, it always advisable to cast your net where there are fish. The same case applies to motivational speaking. Start by talking to people living around you. This will give you the appropriate exposure and also enable you to test the waters.
  • Pick a subject
    As much you might possess the gift of public speaking, it is important to pick a niche in which you are highly knowledgeable. In this career, skill and knowledge will come in handy in achieving success.
  • Offer free speeches and workshops
    Every single journey starts with a single step and in order to make it in the world of motivational speaking, you will need to start somewhere. Avoid looking at the monetary gains but instead focus on building a reputation. When you prove your worth, success will definitely follow.

Becoming a motivational speaker is all about giving quality talks that touch on the areas that most people are interested in. Now that you know what it takes to follow in the steps of Matthew Parker the expert Indiana speaker, let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams!

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Email marketing to achieve success like Matthew Parker, Indiana’s most influential speaker

Becoming a successful motivational speaker like Matthew Parker from Indiana requires you to embrace the appropriate marketing tips. One of the greatest marketing tips that speakers should adopt is email marketing. This is not only a powerful tool but also it is cost effective. Through email marketing, you can easily contact your online audience and provide your services whenever you want to. In addition, email marketing can grow your speaking business in an amazing way whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker.

To enjoy the benefits of email marketing, it is important that you collect email contacts wherever you go and whenever you get an opportunity to do so on your social platforms. Email marketing is an effective way not only to grow your speaking business but also remind your existing audience about who you are and the services you offer. This is a move that will ensure that you remain relevant in the speaking industry.

Apart from reminding the existing audience about your services, this is the ideal opportunity to ask for referrals. Fans who are satisfied with your services will not hesitate to refer you to family or friends. And when the new audience is impressed by your services, they won’t also hesitate to pass the word about the life-changing motivation speaker they have learnt about.

When conducting email marketing be sure to come up with appropriate content that will captivate your clients. These are the little marketing secrets used by the likes of Matthew Parker from Indiana, and nothing should stop you from being a beneficiary of such tips.

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Building trust and winning loyalty to become successful like Indiana’s best speaker – Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker who happens to be one of the most successful speakers from Indiana has always taken advantage of his contacts to build trust and win their loyally. Through this move, Parker has managed to grow his network. Thus he always gets invitations to speak in major forums and institutions. Amateur speakers also need to learn how to keep their contacts begging for more and believe anything that you tell them. Besides, making your contacts believe in anything you tell them will ensure they give you referrals without you necessarily asking for them.

When you have a contact list that you have collected from the audience, you will be able to create a long lasting effect about you in their minds. Through this, you will become the de facto expert on any issue they are grappling with. However, such level of trust and loyalty will not come automatically. You need to build such a reputation gradually and consistently, and it is not easy to do so. Remember, a simple mistake can see your efforts go to waste since people do not want to be associated with controversial personalities.

Therefore, you need to maintain a good reputation when doing business and also in your private life.

Trust and loyalty are great aspects that will see your speaking business grow immensely within no time. However, you need to learn the tactics that will not only enable you to build these two fundamentals but also keep the trust and loyalty just like Matthew Parker  Indiana!

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Matthew Parker Indiana teaches you how to set realistic goals

Goal setting is the foundation of success in life. According to Matthew Parker Indiana, our goals define how far we go and by far, the quality of our daily work. Most people assume that they can just set goals, but few know how to ensure that the goals are effective.
Here are a few tips on setting realistic goals

Write down the possible goals
Most people set the goals in their minds and rarely write them down. However, you are most likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Write down the goal drafts then refine them later. When you keep goals in your mind without writing them down, you are likely to distort them.

Set goals which can be cut down in short milestones
You are likely to throw away goals that are out of your reach, or that seems to demand too much from you. However, you can have the goals but divide them into small manageable milestones. Ensure that the goals are time-bound so that you do not waste too much time on small tasks.

Set a goal for each specific issue
Be specific on the issues that you would like to solve with your goals. Do not just make broad statements that are abstract and hard to decipher. For example, if you would like to lose weight, be specific on the number of kilos that you would like to lose. If you would like to run a successful business in five years, be specific on the kind of success that you need to have achieved in that period.

Measure the progress
Keep track of your progress by measuring your actions. You may want to lose 20 pounds by the end of summer but fall short of the goal. You are likely to get frustrated if you measure the progress. However, if you measure your actions, you will now if you worked hard enough or the goals.

Start with a single goal
Do not eco overzealous in setting your goals or trying to have very many goals at a given time. When starting in goal setting, start by setting a single goal. Build on the goal by adding a goal after you are comfortable with the previous goal. This helps you avoid overstretching your efforts in accomplishing your goals and ending up frustrated.

Matthew Parker Indiana advises that you keep on revisiting your goals to ensure that you keep within the set direction of your efforts. You may need to refine your goals on the way as new information, or unexpected occurrences happen. However, try to keep within the core issue that you set your eyes on in the beginning.

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Matthew Parker Indiana on how to become a great public speaker

Public speaking is not only for the motivational speakers like Matthew Parker Indiana. You need to speak effectively with your friends, customers, and creditors of your business, personal growth, and other issues in life. Effective public speaking is a personal PR that draws people to your ideas with clarity.

Herein are easy ways to become better at public speaking

Memorize the main concepts but do not claim the whole content
It is unfortunate that many people think the best way to speak flawlessly is to memorize the content word-for-word. However, most of them tend to recite verses as if they are poems. They end up sounding unnatural and over-rehearsed.The worst happens when your mind goes black at some point during the presentation. You create an awkward silence or panic on stage and lose your flow.

Warm to the audience before you begin your show
There are several benefits that come with warming up to the audience before making your presentation. First, the audience warms up to you. You are also able to ascertain their mood and gauge their sense of humor. This helps you learn the words that you are supposed to use on the podium that will connect with the audience. You also get insights of what else you can include in the presentation to keep the audience on their feet.

Be at ease  
It is normal for speakers, even the seasoned speakers, to feel fidgety before making their presentation. To take the pressure off your mind, change the focus of your speech to the audience. You are there to give them information to help them make a decision. Do not be looking forward to becoming so perfect in your presentation at the expense of giving quality information. Focus on what is good for the audience instead of yourself, and you will present the information in a relaxed manner.

Practice makes perfect
You cannot become effective in public speaking at a go. Just like any other discipline in life, it takes practice to become a perfect public speaker. Practice speaking in front of the mirror each morning before making your presentation. You can also practice your speech in front of your close friends who point out mistakes that you make in the presentation.

Matthew Parker Indiana believes that just anyone can become a successful public speaker. It is more about presenting the information in a way that the audience gets value and connects with you as the speaker. Start speaking in front of small crowds, and soon you will be comfortable in front of large gatherings. Research on the topic you are presenting and get quality information to your audience.

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Matthew Parker Indiana guides on effective money management

One of the biggest reasons why people do not achieve their set goals is cash crunch. It is unfortunate that money is never enough to cover all the needs that you have. However, with proper management, you can achieve your goals and live comfortably. Here are simple management tips from Matthew Parker Indiana

Take stock of your net worth
Start by knowing where you stand financially. Your net worth is the difference between your assets and debt. This determines what financial responsibilities you can take and at what duration.

Budget, budget, budget
There is no shortcut to budgeting. You must create a list of financial responsibilities prioritizing on the most important responsibilities. You will never have enough to cover all your needs. A budget also helps you seal any loopholes where you are wasting your cash.

Look at ways of improving your revenue
Your expenses will continue going up as days go by. In order to keep up with the demands, you need to look at ways to enhance our income continually. You could start a business on the side, look for a better paying job or lower your standard of living.

Think long-term
When it comes to money management, look at the bigger picture. What is the future like? What if you will not have the capability or earn as much as you do now? According to Matthew Parker Indiana, it is advisable to struggle today and live well later than the other way around.

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